We explain the wallet guide using the Metamask wallet. If you already have a Metamask wallet installed or are using another EVM-compatible wallet, please proceed to the next page.

Metamask is a universal cryptocurrency wallet compatible with Ethereum-based chains. Metamask is an extension that works as a plugin for Chrome-based web browsers.

We use the Chrome browser as an example. Please refer here to download the Chrome browser.

1. Install Metamask

Go to the Chrome Web Store, search for the MetaMask extension, and add it.

After installation, click the puzzle-shaped expansion icon on the top right corner to find MetaMask.

2. Run Metamask

Click the Create Wallet button and enter your password.

A 12-word phrase appears. Only this phrase can recover your wallet, so be careful not to expose it.

Write down your Secret Recovery Phrase

Write down this 12-word Secret Recovery Phrase and save it in a place that you trust and only you can access.


  1. Save in a password manager

  2. Store in a safe deposit box

  3. Write down and store in multiple secret Places

When the wallet creation is complete, you can see the wallet screen as shown below.

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